New management of RDs

Friend and fan of RDs

Beautiful venue in medieval style where landlord Mozart and his knights doing mischief

Friends of Locco Barocco

Digital media designer and horror film expert producing our first DVD

Photographer and fan of the RDs

Good friends of the RDs

Friends and musicians

Our German studio where we had recording sessions with Albert Lee

Professional venue and nice landlords in Hanover

Great landlords and excellent catering in Southwestern Germany

Ultimate Everly fan from the Netherlands

Lemmy’s band

“The Passenger”

With Bon Scott - of course

“Song for the Dead”

Rock classics

Free - “Allright now”

“Sweet home Alabama” - Southern rebels

Bourbon at its best

Horst’s brand and EC’s, too

“Whisky in the jar”

“School’s out forever”

“Born to be wild”

We’ll meet you on the highway, Rickey

Fab Four

These famous British comedians were produced by George Harrison

German humour written by Walter Moers

Bad boys of Rock’n’Roll

Music Magazine No. 1

Young Crossover

Rock’n’Roll descendants

One of English bands Neal plays in

Country legend

“Dirty Harry”

“Once upon a time in the West”

Another director of great wild west and action movies like “Strawdogs”

“Ziggy Stardust”

Band of our German studio engineer

Band from Pforzheim, Germany, and friends of us

Band we supported at the legendary Substage Karlsruhe in November 2007

Band from Mannheim, Germany, we played with at firm’s party

Friends from Munich

One of the best rock sounds ever

First class rock guitars

Electric guitars since 50 years

Neal’s choice

Recording Studio, Mastering, Duplications

Mark was our sound engineer

Angelo - responsible for solar technology and our sound engineering

“Faust” - “I’m the mind who always denies”

They never reported about us

Horst is proud laird in Orkney / Scotland

One of our favourite scotch whisky

Read Nick Hornby and you’ll understand

Neal’s Team

Horst comes from Nothern Munich

Pub and venue in Karlsruhe we often play

Another favourite club and venue where we often play, too

Popular club in Munich where RDs played in January 2005

Club against Nazis



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