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“House Of The Rising Sun” (Bonus Track)






“... and now to still find such a great band in the early retirement age, who has the sauciness to release a CD, which is always in my car, is bold. Will you kindly apologize for so much grade or I've got to tell it ‘Uncle Albert’!”
- Mike Warner -

“I listened to it several times ... it’s a great album, great music, great sound!”
- Albert Lee -

“... My wife and I have listened to your CD several times. I’ve never heard Albert play acoustic guitar. Sounds great! It’s a different style for him and he proves his super talent on anything he plays! It’s great!
My wife’s really into this style of music. She especially likes “The Long Road”. I really like ”Good Night Berlin”. It’s got a good groove and great lyrical content.
That acoustic style of music is really popular in the US now. I think your timing is good. Sounds like the Rolling Drunks used to be a harder hitting rock band.
... Forgot to mention - the packaging is awesome! I’m jealous. Great artwork!”
- Jerry McWorter, drummer of Dynamo Jump and Social Distortion -

“Even if you're not ripping drunk, rolling drunk, or somewhere in between, you can appreciate the wonderful musicianship on this album. It's a rock CD done purposefully with acoustic instruments, and it's an infectious slice of musical steak - have yours "well done".”
- Guitar Nine Records -

"The Rolling Drunks are at home in rather hard rock fields. But with "Pukka Blokes", the band presents us a fine, mere acoustic album. Guest on this CD really is the guitar legend Albert Lee!"
- Uwe Ruthard, CoArt-music -

"… a varied acoustic CD between edgy rawness and baladesque pathos (no sob-stuff!) ... and with an Albert Lee as guest musician, first-rate guys - pukka blokes."
- Thomas Zimmer, music journalist, Klappe auf -

"... one of the big highlights in the biography of the Rolling Drunks."
- Many Bachinger, Soundcheck (famous German magazine for live-musicians) -

"Great music, timeless!"
- 20$Bill, rorysfriends (biggest Rory Gallagher fansite) -

"… wonderful intimate atmosphere of an acoustic session ... ennobled by master Albert's play ... real music - real characters."
- Lothar Trampert, Guitar & Bass (one of Germany's biggest magazine for musicians and fans) -

"How acoustic music shall sound. Compliment on the Rolling Drunks for inspiring entertainment ..."
- Joe Brookes, Rocktimes -

"I think it came out really well."
- Albert Lee -

"Congratulations! That`s cool!"
- Christine Albert -


Rolling Drunks feat. Albert Lee

“Pukka Blokes” © 2006 Rolling Drunks Music

On their 7th album, the RDs appear as an acoustic trio together with legendary Guitar Heroe and Grammy Winner Albert Lee as special guest. “Pukka Blokes”, which is designed thematically and stilistically, mixes hard and harmonic rock songs with elaborate pieces and directly regards to the Progressive Rock of the early 70s. The album contains a couple of older songs, which sound very new because of Albert Lee’s distinctive and brilliant guitar style, and some new and more complex compositions.

The opener of the cd is “The Long Road” on which Albert’s warm and beady guitar lick leads from the reggae in the beginning to the swing part with the glassy sound of a Martin Bellezza Negra.
On “Let Me Play The Lion Too”, Horst Jabs uses text fragments spoken by Nick Bottom of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, packs the song in a very fast jazz arrangement, only interrupted by a middle part with the tragic-comical monologue of Pyramus – performed by Wolfgang Eckertz (violin) together with Albert’s elegiac playing.
The grand final of the album, “All You Can Eat”, a 7-minute-piece with a piano part, closes the thematical circle and leads once more back to the Long Road of the Scottish Island Jura and to the digital highway of the Internet: “Whatever you want, whatever you need, a mouse click away – a free home delivery of all you can eat”.

“Pukka Blokes” is not only a mellow but also a very spontaneous work – sensitively produced by Lutz Demmler, Twilight Sound Studio in Karlsruhe, bass player and composer of the legendary gothic metal band “Umbra Et Imago”. Horst Jabs: “Lutz plays gothic, I come from heavy metal and punk, Georg Grimm played with Tony Sheridan in Hamburg - Reeperbahn - and Thomas Weick listens to music I’m not able to understand – and Albert Lee is one of the best country picker ever ... that’s rock’n’roll.”

1. The Long Road
2. Lass Mich Los
3. Let Me Play The Lion Too
4. Goodnight Berlin
5. Crazy Kong
6. Motorcycle Man
7. Überleben als Mann
8. All You Can Eat

Total running time: approx. 42 min.

Horst Jabs (executive) and Lutz Demmler (engineering)

6 page digipac
12 page booklet (incl. all lyrics, liner notes, photos etc.)
First edition: 1000 copies – handsigned on demand (ebay)

Horst Jabs – voc/git
Thomas Weick – lead guitar
Georg Grimm – bass

Special guest:
Albert Lee – lead guitar (#1,2,3,4)






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